Jungle Beat: The Movie

A homesick alien crash-lands his spaceship near the colorful African Jungle. His new animal friends need to get him back to his ship and teach him about friendship and fun before his Space-Conqueror father can take over the planet.

Production details:

Director: Brent Dawes

Producers: Tim Keller, Rita Mbanga and Joe Pistorius

Writer: Brent Dawes and Sam Wilson

Composers: Elben Schutte and Andries Smit

Production Company: Sunrise Productions and Sandcastle Studios

Additional Musicians

Composer: Shaun Crawford

Trumpet and Trombone: Neil Leachman

Saxaphone and Penny Whistle – Dan Shout

Vocals: Mapumba Cilombo and Nomfundo Xaluva

Guitar: Cobus Schutte


Screendailyby: Allan Hunter
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"Jungle Beat has the manic fizz we have come to expect from family-friendly international animation"