As a Music and Audio Studio it goes without saying that we rely on the functionality of our software to streamline our workflow and processes. 

Steinberg’s Nuendo is the most advanced audio post-production solution and our digital audio workstation of choice. It is at the heart of everything we do.

In 2022, Nuendo invited us to join them as the official Launch Partner Studio for Nuendo 12. This meant that we got our hands on a pre-release Beta to try out and then created a video talking about our experience with Nuendo 12 and showcasing our facilities. 

For the video, we brought on our dear friend and colleague Director Rob Smith to shoot and edit, knowing full well that he would do our ‘Sacred Space’ justice. And that he did!

We enjoyed working on an Original Composition to complement Rob’s work, and everyone involved was very impressed with the final product. This production was an example of pairing the right talent with the right projects, a business value we pride ourselves in. Take a look.

This successful collaboration in 2022 led to Nuendo calling on Rob Smith to shoot and edit the Nuendo 13 launch video at the end of 2023, which spotlights Wave Studios. We think this is testament to the world-class talent we have in our industry in South Africa!

Directed again by Rob Smith, this video focuses on what makes Nuendo 13 the best DAW for Audio Post according to Johnnie Burn of Wave Studios. 

Rob got us involved in the Music and Audio for the video. The track used on the video was selected from our Pressure Music Catalogue and customised for this project. (Want to know more about our Pressure Music Catalogue South Africa, go here.)

We always like to get a glimpse inside the mind of the creatives we work with, so we asked Rob to give us some insight into his experience working on these two videos showcasing studios on either side of the world:

“I think the main point of interest for me, having shot in Pressure Cooker Studios and Wave Studios, was how similar they felt, not only technically (using the same software, like Nuendo, and a lot of the same hardware), but also culturally. They’re both a group of passionate creatives, excited about pushing boundaries and are sincerely excited by how powerful audio can be in telling stories.

Having worked with Pressure Cooker Studios for many years, shooting this short video about them and hearing where they’re going and why, only made me want to work with them even more in the future. Their approach is so considered yet so playful at the same time, so honest yet so respectful, and the results speak for themselves. 

They’re never happy with just ticking boxes, or doing the bare minimum, and always push to elevate the sound as well as the project as a whole. As a director, that’s exactly the type of team you want around you.

Shooting at Wave Studios was incredible, the sound mixing home of some of my favourite filmmakers, such as Jonathan Glazer, Jordan Peele and Yorgos Lanthimos.

Considering the legendary work Johnnie Burn has created (recently Oscar nominated for Zone of Interest), he was humble, charismatic and down to earth, and it was a real honour to spend the day with him and his team.”

These videos were a true cycle of good collaboration and proof that great work leads to more great work.  We are privileged to be partnering up with Nuendo alongside other world class studios. 



We are proudly rooted in Steinberg Nuendo as our Digital Audio Workstation of choice, with an extensive feature set that complements our needs in music composition, editing, sound design, and final mix.

Our studios are all interconnected by a Dante audio network setup across all of our rooms and workstations, which means we can record from anywhere at any time.

And all studios are equipped with Genelec monitoring systems and acoustically treated for the highest audio fidelity.

We offer a variety of remote recording solutions including Source Connect Pro X, VST Connect Pro, Audiomovers ListenTo, and video conferencing (Zoom, Google Meet, Teams). This includes fully synchronous remote ADR features on simple home recording setups, with no additional requirements.

So we can patch in clients and artists from anywhere to collaborate in real time.