A Studio as world-class as our team

Not just a studio though, but a home for nurturing creativity.

Our Studio in Cape Town was built with a bigger story in mind, and we can deliver on any of your audio needs. One of our core company values is to build a platform for talent to flourish, both figuratively and literally. So we have put a lot of love and effort into our sacred space. Respect the sacred space.

Designed by Canadian based studio architect experts Pilchner-Schoustal, our Studio has the future of media in mind and is geared towards instant collaboration across all rooms through our Dante network.

find us

You’ll find us based on the top two floors of Thibault House nestled in between the skyscrapers in Cape Town’s famously small CBD.

And lastly, being based in the banking district of Cape Town’s CBD we are not affected by loadshedding, which means our lights, and speakers are always on.