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What We Do Differently

We are a full-service Music and Audio Studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. We create the sound for ‘that thing’ you need.

We think about a project’s entire audio journey holistically, with your creative vision as the cornerstone for every decision we make along the process.

Through high-concept thinking and our collaborative approach, we work across both the Sound and Music pillars to make sure we work effectively and efficiently to deliver the best outcome for each project. We always ensure technical specifications and deadlines are delivered upon and have learnt that respectful collaboration always results in a better final product.

Speaking music and sound can be difficult, so we take what’s in your head and make it real.
You don’t have to know exactly what it is that you’re looking for, you just have to know what you want to feel and we will handle the rest.

One of the problems we have solved is the question of when to get involved on a project. We strive to get involved as early as possible, as we consider Pressure Cooker to be a pre-production studio, rather than just post-production. Being involved early allows us to work with the entire team and problem-solve every facet of the project’s audio requirements. This approach allows us to spend budgets wisely, thus elevating the art, as opposed to fixing it ‘in post’.