We’ve been collaborating and pushing creative boundaries with Joe Public and Chicken Licken for the past few years and this latest spot really makes us proud.

This commercial, directed by Pete Pohorsky of Plank Films, was part of Chicken Licken’s  integrated campaign titled ‘Make Your Family Proud’ which launched on Family Day in April this year.
Embracing the concept of how difficult it can be to ‘make your family proud’ through Chicken Licken’s ownable comedic style, the commercial introduces South Africans to the legendary David ‘Legs of Thunder’ Mgijimi, the fastest man in the world. 

We composed the original music for this epic two-minute film. We wanted to capture an Authentic african sound for the story, while also keeping it stylistically comedic. With no vocals, the music allows the voice-over to carry the story seamlessly, making the “Afro-Beat Serenade” an integral part of the film.

Composer Keith Kavayi says: “Our track is a vibrant character that enhances the film’s narrative and humour. Inspired by quirky keyboard riffs and infectious rhythms, it provides a fun, swaggering auditory experience.”

Director Pete Pohorsky adds: “Hats off to the team at Pressure Cooker Studios and their sonic alchemy for creating a quirky 70’s Synth /Funk track that is both retro and timeless and adds a layer of charm and humour that elevates the film to new heights.”

It’s worth mentioning that Chicken Licken was awarded ‘Brand Of The Year’ at the Loeries 2023 for its seventh consecutive year. With the 2024 Loeries around the corner we’re eager to see if this title will be held for an 8th year running. 

Also, it’s National Fried Chicken Day in the USA on the 06th July, and what better way to celebrate fried chicken than through sharing more of our work on this award-winning brand. 

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A huge shout out to the epic team behind this masterpiece:

Agency & City: Joe Public / Johannesburg 
TV Producer: Aileen Kennaugh
Production Company & City: Plank Films, Cape Town
Director: Pete Pohorsky
Executive Producer: Seamus Bax
Editor: Xander Vander
Editing Company: Strangelove Post 
Music Composition Studio: Pressure Cooker Studios
Music Composer: Keith Kavayi  
Music Supervisor: James Matthes
Studio Producer: Chloe Ellis