We created our Pressure Music Catalogue for those projects where there is extra pressure. Whether that means tight deadlines or tighter budgets. We want to be able to elevate your art no matter what.

We like to do things differently, so we’ve approached Pressure Music Catalogue differently too. We’ve focused on quality not quantity and collated and curated premium tracks, composed by our own team (and recently some external featured artists), from real briefs by real creatives and packaged them into one easy-to-use resource on DISCO. Each track is our own. We have direct access to the composition sessions, which means we can customise each of them to suit your project. It’s the next best thing to commissioning original music composition.

We’re continuously growing our catalogue to ensure we have a diverse range of tracks suitable for your Commercial and Narrative projects.

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Cobus Schutte is a composer at Pressure Cooker Studios and our Pressure Music Catalogue Mastermind. 

We picked his brain to gain a deeper understanding into his process behind curating Pressure.

It’s worth mentioning that Cobus lives in Australia and dials in for our team meetings twice a week. He may be only a pixelated face for some but he is an integral part of our team.

Cobus, tell us about yourself:
I started playing bass and guitar in bands during high school and transitioned to studio session work and arranging in my 20s, dedicating a decade to these pursuits. During this time, I composed music in my free time and began freelancing for Pressure Cooker Studios around 2018. In 2020, I became the main guitar collaborator for Seal Team, which led to officially joining Pressure Cooker Studios full-time at the end of 2021.

What is your role at Pressure Cooker Studios?
I am a composer working on commercials, films, TV, and games. Additionally, I manage our Pressure Music Catalogue, mainly focusing on content creation, feedback, and quality control.

What do you do for Pressure Music Catalogue?
I manage the overall creative direction of the catalogue, collaborating with the team individually to provide guidance and feedback, and ensuring that the tracks in the catalogue are of the highest quality. Additionally, I create pipelines and streamlined processes to help ensure efficient workflows and timely project completion.

What is your vision for Pressure Music Catalogue?
Our vision has always been to deliver unique, high-quality customizable tracks that are adaptable to any project or brief while continuously evolving, expanding, and refining the tracks we have on offer. Looking ahead, we’d like to collaborate even more extensively with other artists and composers, amplifying their distinctive voices within our catalogue.

How is it different from other music libraries?
Our tracks are composed by industry professionals with years of experience, so they know what works when it comes to creating music for media. With the vast majority of compositions created in-house, we offer a high degree of customisation and problem-solving, granting us unique flexibility in tailoring tracks to our clients’ needs.

How do you find featured artists?
While our featured artist program is still in its early stages, we currently engage prospective collaborators by inviting them to share their showreels via email. Once we’ve reviewed their work, we craft a brief tailored to showcase their unique voice, while still aligning with current trends and market demands. Additionally, we evaluate opportunities for artists with existing work that aligns with our catalogue on a case-by-case basis.

How do you choose the music genres?When collaborating with potential featured artists, we select genres that complement their skills, all while staying mindful of current trends and market demands. This approach ensures that the music they create with us is not only something they can take pride in, but also reaches the right people for potential licensing opportunities.

Learn more about Pressure Music Catalogue here or browse our extensive tracks on DISCO.

If you are interested in contributing to our catalogue, or if you have a project you’d like to brief us on, get in touch.