The team at Pressure Cooker Studios spent almost two years working with Eric Thullen, the independent game developer behind Ancient Dungeon VR, available on Oculus Quest. 

We created a ‘Behind The Sound’ video that we are excited to share with you. We also had the chance to catch up with Eric Thullen to talk about the Music and Audio and how it contributed to the game’s success.

When it comes to creating successful games, the importance of Music and Audio are often underestimated.
Get ready for an inside look into the sonic world of Ancient Dungeon VR as we tell you a story about the process.

A Match Made in Gaming Heaven:
Picture this: it’s the pandemic era, and Pressure Cooker Studios comes knocking at the developer’s door. They saw the potential in “Ancient Dungeon VR” and wanted to take its audio to the next level. The developer jumped at the opportunity to join forces and after a mind-blowing demo reel that showcased their skills, it was clear that this collaboration was meant to be.

Sound That Hits the Sweet Spot:
Adding custom-made music and sound effects turned out to be a game-changer (pun intended). Right from the start, the trailer got a major boost, wowing everyone with its immersive audio experience. Trust us when we say that killer audio was one of the secret ingredients that helped “Ancient Dungeon VR” catch the attention of Oculus. It’s no joke—audio design can make or break a game.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:
Working with a team of audio wizards took things to a whole new level. Pressure Cooker Studios brought their A-game, and the collaboration was smooth as silk. Each team member had their own expertise—Damon tackled sound design, breathing life into the game’s environments, while Ben worked his magic on the music front, and Neil even got involved recording his own voice. And let’s not forget Daniel and Astrid, the project maestros who kept everything in check. With this dream team, communication was a breeze, and progress was swift.

Creating an Epic Sound Experience:
Crafting the perfect audio journey was no easy feat. Since “Ancient Dungeon VR” had a low-pixel, low-poly art style, realism didn’t quite fit the bill. The team had to find the sweet spot between authenticity and impact. By taking a thematic approach, they conjured up sounds that were less lifelike but more in tune with the game’s aesthetics. And to avoid driving players crazy with repetitive sounds, they mixed things up with variations and well-timed cues. Immersion level: off the charts.

A Never-Ending Adventure:
This collaboration has been a wild ride, spanning over two years and still going strong. As new content emerges, fresh sounds are needed, and the teamwork revs up again. Although the intensity has tapered off as the game matured, future updates will surely reignite the audio magic. This ongoing partnership showcases the value of continuous improvement in the gaming world.

“Ancient Dungeon VR” proves that collaboration and killer audio can take a game to legendary heights. The fusion of Eric Thullen’s vision and Pressure Cooker Studios’ audio prowess, resulted in an immersive soundscape that players couldn’t resist. By prioritizing top-notch audio and teaming up with the pros, this game serves as a shining example of how sound design can elevate the gaming experience.

The game is available on Oculus and Steam. It’s time to plug in those headphones and embark on an epic audio adventure!

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