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We all need role models, and we want to be just that. 

We believe that we continually learn from one another, no matter how experienced you, or we are.

It is important to us to grow the talent in our local industry from the ground up, and so we have an ongoing, annual Internship Programme where we take on anyone with a passion for Sound Design or Music Composition, no matter their background. And once a year, (this year in partnership with Steinberg Nuendo), we open up our Internship Programme to the global talent pool of aspiring Sound Designers, crossing borders and broadening all of our sonic horizons. 

What does this entail?
This is a full-time Internship Programme. It  is a very hands-on practical approach to learning. We immerse our interns directly into the real world industry from the get-go, while at the same time pairing key theoretical knowledge required to succeed. This includes both disciplines of Sound Design and Music Composition, where sound designers will elevate their craft while working with Music Composers and coming to grips with Music Composition principles that will enhance your skills as a Sound designer. 

What will you gain from this experience?
The Internship Program is split into two separate contracted phases; the initial 3 month phase and the subsequent 12 month phase, to complete a full 15 month program.

The initial 3 months are designed to condition you for the real world industry, focusing on basics that would allow you to succeed. You will work very closely with experienced Sound Designers and Composers assisting you along the way.

This initial 3 months is also seen as a probationary period, allowing both us and you to feel comfortable that this programme, and our Studio, is for you, before being immersed into the following 12 months.
The next 12 months is reserved for those who show real promise and successfully complete our 3 month phase to be contracted for a further 12 months. In these 12 months you will gain access to more live projects, learning and gaining experience from the industry and our team. By the end of the 15 months, you would have gained enough experience, information and insight to give you a solid edge in this industry.

So what’s the expectation
Bring it and be hungry. We are only looking for people who are hungry to succeed and resonate with our culture. Competence, great communication, work ethic, proactive attitude, attention to detail and especially collaboration are essentials.

Is the internship paid?
We believe that in order to genuinely nurture talent we need to reduce the stresses of life wherever possible. We therefore pay a monthly intern salary of R12 000, so that the intern can worry less about finances and focus on the immersive experience of our programme. 

Email us here if you have any questions.