Rudy joins our team at Pressure Cooker Studios as our first Intern to come through our partnership with Bridges for Music’s Industry Access Program (IAP).

Interns are the starting point of growing this industry, and at Pressure Cooker Studios we put a huge amount of focus into our Internship Programme.

Our company Purpose is to ‘Build a Platform For Talent to Flourish’ (read more about that here in a thought leadership piece from our CEO James Matthes).

We want to become role models, and we believe we continue to learn from each other. We have an ongoing, annual Internship Programme where we take on anyone with a passion for Music or Audio, no matter their background.


Bridges for Music is a non-profit organisation focused on empowering young talent from under-
served communities to become creative change-makers, providing quality education and 21st century-tools and equipping them with the psychosocial and entrepreneurial skills to thrive in the creative industries.

Our values align on nurturing creativity in young people, in order to grow talent in the industry from the ground up, so it’s a no-brainer for us to partner up with Bridges for Music in order to bridge the gap from their program into our industry through the Internship Programme.

bridges for music. nurturing creativity in young people.
Audio pioneers and composers in cape town


Rudy Julius graduated from Bridges for Music Academy’s Music MBA, and we are so excited to have him in our Sacred Space.
Rudy has had a lifelong passion for music since childhood and looks forward to collaborating with professionals who share a passion for sonic storytelling.

Kevin Ribbans from Bridges for Music gave us some more info:
“Rudy was in one of my first classes and has proven to be an incredible producer. He was awarded a bursary to Cape Audio College and continues to make great music. As a young DJ, Songwriter and Producer. Rudy blends sounds of European dance music with some African flavour and with that creates a bridge between genres. Drawing inspiration from various artists such as Milk Inc., Sylver, Lane 8, Euphonik, Crazy White Boys, it has driven him to blend the different sounds together. He has also worked with some amazing artists such as Bonobo, Blanka Mazimela, Sun El Musician, Msaki, Nonku Phiri, Masšh, Auguste, Rezident, Desiree and more”

Rudy isn’t just a maestro in music though, he’s also a tech wizard extraordinaire. Rumour has it, back in high school, he coded a virus on his school’s computers just for kicks.

Watch out, world, we’ve got a musical maestro with a mischievous tech side in our midst!