Our studio full of gamers brought their experience in cinematic storytelling to new heights in the original soundtrack for the highly anticipated Manor Lords.

Our creativehub of composers in Cape Town created the full soundscape for Manor Lords in collaboration with the developer, Grzegorz Styczeń of Slavic Magic. The Original Soundtrack is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Manor Lords was hand-crafted by independent game developer Grzegorz.  It features in-depth organic city building and large-scale tactical battles amidst complex economic and social simulations. 

Manor Lords’ early access launched to wide acclaim and massive success on April 26, where it sold over one million copies on Steam in just a single day.

Hooded Horse (Manor Lord’s Game Publisher) talk about their experience working with Pressure Cooker Studios on the Game’s Original Soundtrack:
“Pressure Cooker Studios are easy to work with and amazingly talented. The music for Manor Lords is beautiful and fitting for the game. It absolutely enhanced the immersive experience the developer was going for in his design and won the hearts of many players.”

Composer Elben Schutte talks about the brief for the score, which he started working on in the very early stages with the developer:
“The score needed to be authentic to the medieval time period and setting, and also incorporate strong cinematic elements to heighten the gameplay experience and the epic visuals”

He gives more insight into the process behind creating the authentic soundtrack:
“We really dove deep into exploring music that was written back in the 12th-14th centuries. 

Our first big challenge was all about breaking free from our modern musical habits and trying to think and create like the musicians and composers of that time. We also wanted to ensure we had the real deal when it came to the sound, so it was essential we use instruments that were actually used during that period, played like they were back then. 

We got to team up with some seriously talented medieval musicians from all corners of the world. It’s like we brought a slice of history back to life in the most authentic way possible!”

This was truly a project centred around collaboration. Elben Schutte collaborated with Creative Director Daniel Caleb on the score composition with additional instrumental performances from Simon Ratcliffe. Shaun Crawford and Peter Davison came in from an orchestration point of view. And there were numerous experienced musicians from around the world playing medieval instruments to really ensure authenticity.

Although based in Cape Town, South Africa, Pressure Cooker Studios sent their key team to London to record at AIR Studios in London with a live orchestra. The score was supported by authentic choir motifs.

Developer Grzegorz Styczeń believed strongly in the value of recording live:

“I think the value of real musicians versus just using a bunch of libraries is huge. Personally I think real performances are the very thing that makes the game soundtrack stand out in a sea of “inspiring cinematic” stock music, especially in today’s music world where it’s more and more about unique texture and instrumentation and less often about hummable themes.”

Danny Kelleher, CEO, Laced Records,who are handling the release of the OST says:

“The Manor Lords original soundtrack by Pressure Cooker Studios is sublimely meditative, and perfectly complements the game’s 14th Century Franconia setting. Haunting choral passages add rich — but not overwhelming — texture to the game. The quality of the performances and recordings sound flawless; unhurried and never compromising on dynamics. It’s a rare video game score that can pivot from cues that revel in stillness to intense battle music without undermining overall aesthetic cohesion.”

Pressure Cooker Studios Creative Executive Office James Matthes says:

“We always ensure we pair the right talent with the right project to achieve the highest quality final product. We had a wealth of resources and incredible collaborators onboard the Manor Lords OST to bring it to life and ensure it was a success. 

We brought our passion and experience for storytelling to the gaming world with our offering of through-the-line music and audio services for this ever-evolving industry. And with a team full of gamers, we also have a deep understanding of the need to create cinematic quality music for games to enhance the players’ experience.”

The Manor Lord’s OST has been receiving high-praise on various online platforms from the playing community already:
“Man… I don’t know about you guys but the music in this game is just perfect. At times it feels so lonely and distant, but also comfortable like being home. Mournful violins weep as winter comes and you only have but 2 loaves of bread for the settlement. It will be a hard winter. To me, music in a game makes a massive deal to the feel.”

“Props for the composer and artist who created this beautifully orchestrated music! Really well done and a huge factor why this game is such a success!” 

“It’s beautifully done. Insane how a great score can bring a game to a whole new level.”

Listen to the Manor Lords OST here so you can stay in the game even when you’re not playing it!


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