We welcomed Alex Smillie at the beginning of the month as our Commercial Audio Engineer. He joins our team of audio pioneers and composers in Cape Town.
From his early days as a budding musician to his immersive journey through audio post-production, Alex’s path is the perfect blend of passion and innovation.

We sat down with Alex to talk about what excites him about joining the Pressure Cooker Studios team.

audio pioneers

Could you share more about your journey in the industry, from your studies to your work experience?
Music has always been a big passion and I was set on making a career out of it, but on my journey I discovered the world of audio post production. 

I started my studies at SAE in 2013 and since worked my way up from intern, to junior engineer, to becoming the lead Post Production engineer at Edible Audio. All while writing music and touring with my musical projects, Brynn and Southern Wild. 

What I have loved the most about this industry is that every project has felt completely unique. It’s the individuals who generate the ideas, brainstorm, research, and experiment to reach the final product that breathes life into each project, making them uniquely vibrant and compelling. Being such a broad industry, I’ve found myself working on projects from all corners: from recording and editing short 30-second voice overs, to 20-minute meditations, to producing 7-hour long audiobooks, or even designing how a light switch might affect the mood of a scene.

What role have you taken on at Pressure Cooker Studios?
I’m joining as the Commercial Audio Engineer. In a nutshell, it’s a creative role that works to bring the advertiser’s vision to life.

What does this role entail?
It will involve me overseeing the audio production for the commercial department, working alongside the Commercial Producer, Chloe Ellis. We’ll be leading the commercial production team in effective collaboration and quality at the highest standard. From recording and editing voice overs and dialogue, to designing and placing sound effects to make ads pop, the goal is to ensure every sound is just right to grab your attention and leave a lasting impression.

What are you most excited about?
I’m excited about the people. I’m excited about the culture… and definitely the fancy coffee machine. But mostly, I love new challenges and I know the learning opportunities from working with my new colleagues will be incredibly valuable. 

How do you feel your values align with the Pressure Cooker Studios values?
I’ve always felt that it’s so important to do what you love. It’s something that has stuck with me from a young age and has driven a sense of purpose. I know that Pressure Cooker is a collection of motivated people that share this same sentiment, so I’m looking forward to the collaboration.

How do you want to make an impact in this role?
By bringing in new ideas and putting them into action, I hope to really shake things up in a positive way. I want to make a real difference that not only helps the company thrive but also pushes me forward in my own career journey.

We’re thrilled to have Alex as a part of the team. 

Get in touch with us to check out our studio’s ‘Sacred Space’ and see the fancy coffee machine for yourselves.