We have simplified the pricing, mediums and territories to make it simpler to navigate the rates, and more cost effective at scale.
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South african COMMERCIAL rates UP TO 12 MONTHS:

Standard Licensing

MediumsPer Spot
Online/Digital/Social MediaR 4,000.00
Television (TV)R 8,875.00
Radio AdvertisingR 2,750.00
Public LocationR 1,250.00
CinemaR 3,750.00

campaign packages

MediumsUp to 5 EditsUp to 10 EditsUp to 20 EditsUnlimited Edits
Online/Digital/Social MediaR 10,000.00R 12,000.00R 14,000.00R 20,000.00
Television (TV)R 22,187.50R 26,625.00R 31,062.50R 44,375.00
Radio AdvertisingR 6,875.00R 8,250.00R 9,625.00R 13,750.00
Public LocationR 3,125.00R 3,750.00R 4,375.00R 6,250.00
CinemaR 9,375.00R 11,250.00R 13,125.00R 18,750.00

retail packages

Retail packages are limited to 6 months at 25% discount.

The Fine Print:

Hourly rate for production and arrangement R 2, 237.50
(Customisations may vary in tone to original track depending on date of initial composition)

Each additional country in Africa runs at 50% of SA rates
Pan Africa 500% of SA Rate
Sub-saharan Africa 300% of SA Fee   

For any country outside of Africa please contact us for a quote.


One size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to long form projects so please contact us for a quote.