Multi Award-Winning

‘This is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection’

The first narrative feature film ever made by a Mosotho director, LEMOHANG JEREMIAH MOSESE, shot on location in the remote mountains of Lesotho.


We were tasked with the Sound Design and Final Mix for this film. We needed to create a soundscape that heightens the deep loss experienced by the lead character. The Sound Design needed to complement the haunting Original Score by Yu Miyashita.

The Response

It was key for us to highlight the lead character, Mantoa’s, individual perspective in the narrative, with friction against the villagers perspective of their fate. There are moments in the final mix where we used techniques to really bring out this emotion, forexample the score drowning out Mantoa’s voice when she learns the news of her son’s passing, and a deep bass coming in and out to suffocate the natural ambiance of the location.

The word

“The sound design and Yu Miyashita’s score are also hypnotic companions.” – Los Angeles Times

“…as unforgettable as any film I’ve ever seen.” –  Wael Khairy, Film Critic

“…and sound design to create a strange and hypnotic reality, juxtaposed with a very naturalist contemporary history.” – Cineuropa


Urucu Media
Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP)


Visionary Filmmaking Prize at Sundance 2020

Africa Movie Academy Awards 2020:
Best Director
Best Cinematography
Best Leading Actress
Best Costume Design

CinemAfrica, Sweden 2020:
Best Narrative Film

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Sound Design
Audio Director
Final Mix

Dialog Editing


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