Our aim is to Elevate Your Art. It’s what we do. We will bring your brave ideas to life, whatever it takes. 

But we know that sometimes you’ll have projects where there is extra pressure. Whether that means tight deadlines or tighter budgets. We want to be able to elevate your art no matter what.

So we’ve created Pressure Music Catalogue.

This allows us to elevate your art under pressure. 


We like to do things differently, so we’ve approached Pressure Music Catalogue differently too. We’ve collated and sorted premium tracks, composed by our own team into one easy-to-use resource on DISCO. We have focused on quality not quantity and have carefully curated a selection of premium tracks to suit the diverse needs of the South African and International creative industry. 

Each track is our own. We have direct access to the composition session, which means we can customise each of them to suit your project.
It’s the next best thing to commissioning original music composition.

We’ve created this catalogue from the point of view of our clients. That being said, Pressure Music Catalogue is:
Easy to License. Easy to Clear. Easy to Customise. 

Learn more about Pressure Music Catalogue here.

Pressure Music Catalogue embodies the culmination of our creative journey at Pressure Cooker Studios over the past 13 years. Unlike traditional music libraries that compose albums in isolation to keep up with trends, our catalogue comprises music born from real briefs for real projects with real creatives involved at every stage of the creative process. The music in here evokes an emotional quality that will elevate any project it is paired with.”
– James Matthes, Creative Executive Officer of Pressure Cooker Studios.”

Some word from our team:

We have sought feedback from a host of our clients and designed a licensing and pricing structure that addresses some of the key issues that they were experiencing when licensing music from other platforms. We have simplified the pricing, mediums and territories to make it simpler to navigate the rates, and more cost effective at scale.” Pressure Cooker Studio General Manager, Brian Little

Creative Executive Officer James Matthes says: We have seen the need for high quality music to be delivered on ‘high pressure jobs’, those jobs with really short turn-arounds or where there are budget constraints that don’t allow for original composition. We want to offer this solution to our clients first and help to continue to deliver great music solutions no matter the budget or deadline.”

It’s not a music library. It’s a music catalogue.

“We take pride in the quality of each and every track in our catalogue, and so that distinction is an important one to make. We are not a royalty free library where you are likely to hear the track you have licensed on a number of other media, even competing brands campaigns. We want to ensure that we are delivering a quality product and a quality experience for each client who selects a track for their project, ensuring we are truly elevating their art.” Brian Little, General Manager.

Pressure Cooker Studios Composer and Music Catalogue Mastermind Cobus Schutte answered the question ‘Why DISCO?’ for those who want to know:

“ is a platform that has become the industry standard for efficiently managing extensive music catalogues. It serves as a powerful tool for music professionals, record labels, and musicians to organise their music assets, making them easily accessible to clients and enabling the creation of custom playlists. 

One of the standout features of is its robust search functionality. Users can search for specific tracks, tags, albums, or artists, ensuring that they can swiftly locate the music they need in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, offers the capability to create custom playlists tailored to the needs of our clients, and present them in a professional and user-friendly manner.”