Hurt People, Hurt People

Western Cape Government

Greg Gray, Romance Films

This project was most certainly a collaboration with a cause. This Public Service Announcement created by one of South Africa’s finest commercial Directors, Grey Gray of Romance Films together with Hello FCB+, intends to highlight the fact that men who have been abused, are far more likely to become abusive themselves. The result is a deeply affecting spot (which is part of a multi-platform campaign) which aims to bring awareness to the generational cycle of abuse and gender based violence.
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Spotify Premium

Fausto Becatti, Bioscope Films

Internationally celebrated local Director Fausto Becatti of Bioscope Films, together with TBWA\SA and Pressure Cooker Studios created this authentic and South African relevant commercial for Spotify Premium. Local dancer Chelsea Samuels dances her way through gritty and iconinc Jozi locations, while local Poet Koleka Putuma’s words are carried by Pressure Cooker Music Composer, Keith Kavayi’s uniquely South African genre smashing beat.
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Five Fingers for Marseilles

BePhat Motel

Directed by Michael Matthews

This critically-acclaimed film is an original and contemporary African Western, pulling on political themes in local tongue. Our very own founder and composer James Matthes worked closely with Director Michael Matthews to create a locally relevant, yet world-class score that fits the Spaghetti-inspired feel. This rousing and heroic film was very well received in the international film festival circuits and won 5 Africa Academy Awards to its name in 2018. Available to watch on Netlfix, as well as Amazon Prime Video Sub-Saharan Africa.
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Seal Team


Greig Cameron, Triggerfish

South African Director Greig Cameron created this 80s style animated feature film, produced and animated by award winning Triggerfish for Netflix. If you like comedy and action packed films, look no further. We got to work on the Music and Sound for this kickass movie, so there is even more reason for you to watch it. We applied our approach of ‘not just post-production’ to this film, and were involved in the process from a very early stage. This means we were able to really focus on collaboration internally between our Music and Audio teams, as well as with Grieg and Triggerfish. This close collaboration is evident in the final film.
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