We give a shit about growing talent in our industry. We treat our clients with respect and professionalism, which we expect in return. 

In fact we feel so strongly about ‘giving a shit’ that we invited artist ‘Bazil Baxter’ to turn our bathroom walls into a canvas! So you can give a shit while you take one.

Read through our company values from the comfort of a toilet cubicle. We embrace you to leave your mark and tell us what you think next time you visit our studios.


To those who know, and those who don’t, our purpose is to create a platform for talent to flourish.

We are Pressure Cooker Studios. We are a team. We are many.

We are a full-service audio arts solution.

We are the first and last stop for everything you hear.

Our passion and experience has brought us here.

We are making a noise and it’s time for the world to listen.


We believe the best way to innovate is to grow our talent. We want to create a community so that creatives can thrive in their passion.

By doing this we can continue to create world-class work that pushes the boundaries of the industry.

This takes brave clients and respectful collaborations.

Collaboration is power. So, let’s collaborate to elevate.