Album and Artist Highlight: Pressure Music Catalogue – Ivo Thiemann ‘Spektrum Overload’

Album and Artist Highlight: Pressure Music Catalogue

Album name: Spektrum Overload

Artist: Ivo Thiemann

Each month, we highlight an artist who has contributed to the Pressure Music Catalogue.
Last month we highlighted
Cobus Schutte, the mastermind behind the Pressure Music Catalogue. 

This month, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on external composer, Ivo Thiemann from Germany. 

Our goal is to continuously grow our catalogue with a diverse range of high quality tracks that will elevate your commercial and narrative projects. By focusing on quality over quantity, we curate premium tracks and collaborate with like-minded artists who share our passion. Ivo Thiemann is one such artist.

Ivo started piano lessons at the age of seven, and his passion for music has kept growing ever since. He thrives on creating sounds that transport listeners into different worlds—”music that evokes emotions, gives you goosebumps, and makes you jump for joy” says Ivo. Ivo has a knack for composing contemporary hybrid cinematic pieces as well as modern house and electronica tracks. This versatility shines through in his latest album, Spektrum Overload.

We were thrilled when our in-house composer, Cobus Schutte, invited Ivo to collaborate with us and create this album for our Pressure Music Catalogue.

Now, sit back, relax, turn up your headphones and enjoy as Ivo unpacks everything from his creative process and inspirations to his aspirations for Spektrum Overload.

What inspired you to produce the “Spektrum Overload” for the Pressure Music Catalogue?

I wanted to create an album that features modern electronic tracks, a diverse genre I have a bit of a soft spot for. I’m thinking of artists like Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, Flume, Moderat and many more. Additionally, I wanted to incorporate cinematic elements to create pieces that could also function as a score with a more narrative quality.

Could you offer some insights into your creative process while producing the individual album tracks?

My creative process often begins with a single element that evokes a strong emotion. This could be a chord progression, a simple piano melody or even some energetic drums. From there, I build the rest of the track around this core idea and arrange it in a way that feels right.

Did you aim to convey specific themes or moods through this album and the production of its tracks? If so, how did you achieve this?

To be honest, I didn’t start out with a strong thematic intention. While creating it, however, two distinct themes emerged. Some tracks, like the track “Encounter” or “Radiant”, convey a darker, more raw, and more energetic mood. In contrast, tracks like “When the Dust has settled” or “Beautiful Dream” evoke lighter and more positive emotions. Think of it as music for both the Underworld and the Upper World.

Were there any standout tracks within the album that you’d like to highlight? What made them particularly special to you?

There is this one track called “On The Inside” which feels special to me. It starts off quite gentle with a sparse string arrangement and then builds up over almost 2 minutes until it erupts into this energetic moving part. This long build-up creates powerful payoff. Also, there is “Spotlight” which is a one of a kind on the album, very glitchy, very bold. Both tracks are some of my favourites.

What projects do you think your album  would work with?

This playlist covers a range of emotional and sonic landscapes that would sync up beautifully with short narrative or commercials looking to evoke emotion in the viewers.

Pressure Music Catalogue takes pride in curating a diverse range of music, catering to every occasion and creative need — from cinematic sonic landscapes perfect for film and long format projects to lively melodies and more for commercials. 

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