With Playtopia Festival around the corner we thought we’d take the chance to talk about one of our favourtie subjects, GAMING.

What Is Playtopia Festival?
Playtopia is Africa’s first annual destination Indie Games & Immersive Arts festival and conference.

We are excited to have our very own Composer Elben Schutte taking the stage on ‘Diabolus In Musica: Solving The Problem of Linearity and Authenticity in Manor Lords’. Catch him on Friday the 8th at the ‘A Maze. Hypertalks!’

As a studio full of gamers, we understand what gamers want. In fact, it could be said that a lot of our Composers and Engineers spend most of their free time in the Gaming world (when not working on your projects of course).

So, we have a deep understanding of the need to create cinematic quality Music and Sound Design for Games to enhance the players’ experience. We’ve brought our passion and experience for storytelling to the Gaming world with our offering of through the line Music and Sound services for this ever-evolving industry.

Check out the visually epic trailer for the yet to be released MANOR LORDS:

And check out the trailers for some of the games we have worked on over the years:

Dig deeper into our thinking behind Manor Lords and Ancient Dungeon in these articles.

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