Critically Acclaimed

‘Five Fingers for Marseilles’

This rousing and heroic film is an original and contemporary African Western, pulling on political themes. – Directed by Michael Matthews


Create a uniquely cinematic, locally relevant, yet world-class score that fits the Spaghetti-inspired feel of the film.

The Response

We worked closely with BePhat Motel Director Michael Matthews from very early on in the project to create the soundscapes for the film, before composing to picture. This approach of Original Music being ‘not just post production’ proved invaluable for this project. Cape Town based musician Derek Gripper was brought in to establish the African string section using his signature style of playing the viola and nylon string guitar. Derek played instruments in a de-tuned style to mimic the sound of the ‘segankure’ (South African and Botswanian single stringed bow). By multi-tracking this instrument with themes that felt true to the western style we achieved this distinctive imperfect string sound that gave the film a unique voice and elevated the emotional depth in the storytelling.

The word

“Stylish and entertaining” – The New York Times.

“In the lush yet gritty work – gorgeously photographed by DP Shaun Harley Lee, one of the film’s most distinguishing aspects, as well as James Matthes’ minimalist score, an eclectic mix of sounds” – Shadow and Act


The Be Phat Motel Film Company
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5 Africa Academy Awards in 2018.

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