Alex Smillie recently joined the Pressure Cooker Team as our Commercial Audio Engineer to work alongside Chloe Ellis (our Commercial Producer), to bring you a dedicated commercial team. 

We sat down with Chloe and Alex after their first month together to unpack what this dynamic duo does differently:

What services do you offer for commercial clients?

In addition to Original Music Composition, Music Supervision and Music Rights’ Clearance, we provide high-quality audio services such as Final Mix, Sound Design, and Voice Over recordings for agencies and clients all over the world.
We offer talent sourcing for VO artists, singers or session musicians.
With a dedicated technical team in the studio we are able to offer seamless remote sessions. We also have an extensive collection of customisable music in our Pressure Music Catalogue, which is the next best thing to original music, for those jobs under pressure that do not allow for original composition from any of our award-winning in-house Composers.

What is your experience and how will this aid your role in the commercial department?

Chloe: With a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, I’ve been involved in various production phases from pre-production to post. This background allows me to offer valuable insights and advice during pre-production, easing the pressure off post-production tasks.
Alex: My experience across multiple roles in the audio-post realm has provided me with a solid foundation both technically and for creative problem-solving. It’s been a wild ride and it’s great to be able to focus my knowledge on such an exciting and creative part of the industry.

Why are you excited to drive the commercial department?

Chloe: It’s an exhilarating opportunity for PCS as we establish a dedicated team for handling commercial needs. I’m thrilled to lead this effort and elevate our department’s services to new heights. Having a focused team allows us to expand and grow without compromising on quality.
Alex: I’m excited for the collaboration that comes with this department. It’s one of our greatest strengths and I’m keen to show the team really showing its collective skills and talents.


How does Pressure Cooker Studios do things differently to other studios?

Chloe: We integrate music and audio services under one roof, providing clients with a single point of contact for their entire audio post-production process. This unique setup fosters direct collaboration between our audio engineers and composers, streamlining the workflow. Additionally, our in-house PCS catalogue offers cost-effective alternatives to original compositions, ensuring clients can fulfill their audio needs affordably.
Alex: Having so many “pressure cookies” working in the business means that we have a large and diverse skill set that allow for more innovative approaches to audio production. It also means we are able to tackle larger and more challenging projects with the same force and sharpness.

What do you think your strengths are for this department?

Chloe: My efficiency in handling tasks and effective communication skills are crucial for managing the fast-paced nature of commercial projects. Additionally, maintaining strong communication channels ensures our clients receive the attention they deserve. My previous experience across all phases of production have been invaluable so far. We love getting in early on a project to bring it to life in collaboration with you. Find out more about how we can elevate your pitch.
Alex: My strengths lie in being creative in a real technical way. I love problem solving and brainstorming with other creatives to bring the director’s vision to life. My experience as a composer gives me a creative edge in understanding how music and audio work together.

What are your separate roles and how do you work together?

Chloe: As the producer, I oversee the project from briefing to delivery, ensuring Alex, our audio engineer, has all necessary resources for a smooth audio process. My role also involves providing support and reassurance to our clients throughout the project.
Alex: My role involves working closely with the client to ensure the final audio for the project meets the vision of the director as well as the audio specs for wherever the project will end up (TV, radio, online, etc.). Chloe ensures both the client and I have everything we need and streamlines communication, time management and support. Together we form an efficient team that can take on large projects and tight turnovers without compromising on quality.

What is the value you are bringing clients?

We take pride in our team’s wealth of experience and expertise, always striving to enhance our clients’ audio projects. Our client-centric approach ensures we deliver precisely what they need, and our dedication to quality ensures we exceed their expectations.

How do you ensure a client-centric focus?

Our commitment to clients is evident through our rapid response policy, ensuring queries are addressed within 15 minutes. We maintain open lines of communication, keeping clients informed at every stage of the process. Moreover, we prioritise delivering high-quality service while creating a welcoming environment for clients in our studio

Our award-winning and diverse commercials reel should speak for itself. Get in touch with us to elevate your commercial.

We write Music and design Sound that captures the vision for your commercial. We take what is in your head and make it real. Using our ‘Made by Many’ approach we will always supply multiple pitches for your project to ensure we deliver to your brief, whatever it takes.

As we are a full-service Music and Sound Design Studio, we can also handle Voice Recordings for TVC or Radio, and see your job through to the Final Mix stage. And of course, we meet deadlines, each and every time. Our diverse selection of music in our Pressure Music Catalogue is the next best thing to original music composition for those projects that are under timing or budget pressure. Dig deeper here.